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Doctor of Physical Therapy

Brett Black, D.P.T.

Physical Therapists are experts in movement and treating movement dysfunction. At Symmetry Chiropractic and Physical Therapy - Rosemount, our licensed Rosemount MN physical therapy doctors pride themselves on creating an individualized treatment plan for your specific needs. We are passionate about helping you to return to the activities you love with decreased pain and improved function.

At your private, one-on-one appointment, you'll not only have a licensed physical therapist providing you with individualized care and the latest treatment techniques; you'll also have a space in which you can comfortably share the story of your pain or injury and the ways it's affecting your life. Your session is your time to be heard and understood and to begin healing.

What To Expect At Your Appointment in Rosemount MN

  • You should arrive at physical therapy in comfortable clothing that allows you to move.
  • Your initial visit will be longer than the follow-up appointments. Your consultation will be about 1 hour, and the follow-up appointments will be about 30 minutes.
  • Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early prior to your first visit to fill out patient paperwork.


  • One-on-one time between you and your Physical Therapist
  • We only schedule one patient per clinician at a time
  • Ability to have private, closed-room physical therapy sessions to enhance comfort and healing
  • Patients First - we are a small, local, family-owned business with no productivity reports. You come first!

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